Fibre Rich Pea Omelette

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Look after that body of yours


  There are hundreds of articles written every day about self care and how you should feel and look; glamorous, sexy, skinny blah blah blah. For me it has always been about feeling comfortable in my own skin. There are things that i’m good at and things I have to […]

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Chickpea Cauliflower Dhal


  I’m a sucker for Dhal, even in the warmer seasons. It’s easy to eat, warm, spicy and feels good in the belly. I cooked this recipe in my pressure cooker and it took 15 minutes. The coconut milk just calms and connects with all the spices, softening the veges […]

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Fancy Cucumber Salad


  This salad is so simple and can be served with any meal and in any season, the sauce is what makes this salad so addictive. I’ve served is along curry dishes, with BBQ type meals and when I’m in a hurry this is a quick vege side that is […]

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Kiwi Fruit Magic


  Kiwifruit These fruits are a nutritional powerhouse. Like most fruits they contain many essential vitamins, minerals and a massive boost for your gut health with fibre. You should try to aim for 2 pieces per day. FOOD AS MEDICINE They contain really high amounts of vitamin C which as […]

Medicine Food

Yellow Mellow Pineapple


  Pre-chop your fruit Fruits are a nutritional powerhouse as they contain essential vitamins, minerals and important levels of fibre. ⁣ You should be aiming for 2 per day.⁣Pre chopping your fruit is a fabulous option. It’s a great snack, contains vitamins and minerals and just might save all those […]


Apple + Blueberry Crumble


  You know the feeling when you’re all settled in for the night, dinner is cooking and you have a hankering for dessert? Well my friends this is this dish you can prepare quite quickly and its healthy too. Full of fruit, fibre and grains and a little sugar. You […]