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Yellow Mellow Pineapple


Pre-chop your fruit

Fruits are a nutritional powerhouse as they contain essential vitamins, minerals and important levels of fibre. ⁣ You should be aiming for 2 per day.

Pre chopping your fruit is a fabulous option. It’s a great snack, contains vitamins and minerals and just might save all those crackers disappearing. ⁣


  1. A serving is 1/2 a cup. ⁣
  2. Like most fruit they contain high amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin is water soluble and not only helps the immune system but also assists with wound healing and helping increase the absorption of iron. 
  3. They contain bromelain which is an enzyme, one aspect it helps with is breaking down your phlegm so you can expel it out and it is commonly used in digestive supplements to help with digestion. ⁣
  4. Manganese is the next mineral which it is high in. It’s connects with lots of bodily processes like helping iron do its job, synthesis of cholesterol, carbs and protein. It plays a important part along with other minerals to keep your bones healthy. ⁣


  • So you’re aiming for 25 to 30 gas per day. This chart is handy to check how you’re doing.
  • I would serve your 1/2 a cup with a squeeze of lime juice some chopped mint and a few cashews
  • Its also great in smoothies.

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