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There are hundreds of articles written every day about self care and how you should feel and look; glamorous, sexy, skinny blah blah blah. For me it has always been about feeling comfortable in my own skin. There are things that i’m good at and things I have to work a lot harder on. Cooking and exercise have always been on my radar so mostly these things i’ve done on a regular basis all my life. What I find challenging is my mental wellness…it’s something I have to work on every day and make sure i’m on top of things. I’ve had breakdowns and periods of feeling unlovable so when i’m in this space I always ensure i’m doing the basics:

My sleep habitsExercising my body everyday
Being hydrated with waterEating as healthy as possible
Spending time tending to my emotions.

here are my five basics

  1. Ensure you get 8hrs sleep per night; switch off screens by 8pm and get your body ready for sleep. Aim to be asleep by 10pm. Sleep is more important than the next episode on Netflix and or Facebook…opps did I say that 🙂

2. Move your body everyday. Weight resistance training at least two to three times per week. Stretch your body everyday to keep your muscles and bones healthy and lastly keep your cardiovascular system challenged by walking, biking, swimming what ever suits you etc at least three times per week. You may not begin doing all three types but starting with one is better than doing nothing.

3. Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day and less of the other stuff…you know what I mean. Also hydrating smoothies are another way to increase hydration and fill the belly with goodness.

4. Look after and prioritise your mental wellness. Be open, question yourself, meditate 30 mins each day, take responsibility for your life and make yourself a priority. You can absolutely still do this while tending to others in your family.

5. Eat mostly nutrient dense food whenever possible, like fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains. Keep up adequate levels of vegetarian and or animal protein in your diet plus a variety of fats. There is no one way that suits us all. Don’t follow the latest food/diet craze instead remove the crap and start focusing on how food makes you feel.

Just start the process step by step in taking care of yourself, body, mind and spirit. Tending to the things that make you thrive and feel connected and engaged with your world.

If you’ve tried all these things and still struggling, then maybe its time to get some support. I can help by sorting through all the chaos, getting some clarity and put you on the first step to reclaiming your health and vitality once again.

My favourite part of being a nutritionist is teaching you to honour your health.

Lets get started


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